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How To Enable Two Step Verification Microsoft Accounts

Two Step Verification Microsoft AccountsMicrosoft recently enabled Two Step Verification Microsoft Accounts process in their online services accounts. This step is taken by Microsoft to keep you more secure and safe.

Two Step verification Microsoft Accounts is said that you will face a second identification method other than your username and password.

When you will try to log-in into your Microsoft account after verifying your username and password, you will receive a code on your registered mobile number. You will have to enter that code in order to log-in.

Two Step Verification Microsoft Accounts

Microsoft were using it in some crucial actions such that while updating your credit card information etc earlier But now they decide to enable this in all services of Microsoft like outlook, Xbox Skype.

Soon it will be available in all Microsoft services. Google, Facebook and Dropbox started using this security feature earlier. It helps a lot to its users.

Two-step verification is optional. You can choose, you want enable it or not. This will secure your whole Microsoft account regardless what services you are using.

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If you are using same device to log-in multiple times into your Microsoft account then you can add that device in your favorite device list. The Two-step verification step will be skipped in that device at Rumah Dijual.

If you don’t use that device for 60 days then it will automatically removed from the list. If you wish to remove a device manually from list then you can remove it from account settings.

Why to use It?

Two Step Verification Microsoft Accounts

Two-Step Verification is best tool to stay safe from the hackers who tries their best to crack your password. Your account can not accessed until you gave them the one-time code which you just received at the time of login.

If you don’t have network connectivity or any problem with your mobile signal then you can use its windows mobile application.

Like Google, Microsoft is also providing you a Mobile Authenticator Application but it is only available on windows mobile platforms.

Right now Microsoft Authenticator App is not available for Android and iPhone. Your Authenticator app works on advance cryptography technique which automatically generates codes. This code changes after a fix time.

If you lost your phone or changed your mobile number and didn’t updated it in your Microsoft account. Then there is only one option which is to wait for 30 days until they ensures that hacker are not trying to hack your account.