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Tips how to Keep Safe Information While Using Internet

Now we are in the 21st century so there is no need to go for a shopping in the markets or no need to stand in long queue’s to pay your bills we know that everything can be done with the help of a computer with an internet connection but you have to keep some Tips in your mind Safe Information using internet.

Safe Information Using Internet


Make transactions only in the https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) mode it is a type of protocol which provides safeguards from the intruder’s. One benefit of this HTTPS protocol is that when someone is trying to sniff your network then the attacker will get gibberish data which is totally in the unreadable format. Which makes your connection between your computer and website server safe and secure.

Different passwords

Always keep different passwords for your email accounts and website accounts suppose you have a gmail account and you are registering on Facebook and twitter so you  can keep the same passwords for your Facebook and twitter account but you should not use your gmail password same as your Facebook and twitter account the reason behind using different password is that If your Facebook and twitter account got hacked then you can recover your account from your gmail account but if you are using the same password for your gmail, Facebook and twitter and if your Facebook account got hacked then maybe your gmail account also got hacked because you are using same passwords. So I suggest you always keep different passwords for different account and always put 2 step verification with your google account.

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Read privacy policy and terms and conditions

Secondd Tips for Safe Information Using Internet as Always read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of that website on which you are registering, because some websites can share your information with marketing companies and they will send you spam emails that are useless for you.

Cyber cafe

Never make any transactions from cyber café because it’s not safe and public computer’s because these systems are used by many people and you don’t know which programs or keyloggers is installed on that computer with the help of that keylogger or program your information can be stolen.


Never use any crack which makes your software full version because there type of crack contains spyware’s and malware’s which are very dangerous if you making online transactions on your systems. Always try to download the softwares from official web sites.