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Private Tunnel Free VPN to unblock Websites

Free VPN to unblock Websites

Many of my readers asking me to post about any Free vpn to unblock website.

I do some research about Free vpn (Virtual Private Network) service over the internet and tried a lot of Free vpn software but I personally satisfied with the usage of Private Tunnel which is the best Free Vpn software I ever used.

Many useful websites are blocked in my country so I also want a free vpn service to unblock websites and thank God i got Private Tunnel.

I download Private Tunnel and log in to its server and get secured and tried to unblock websites.

It’s a bit complicated software but I will tell you how to use Private Tunnel to Unblock Websites.

Now i will tell you people how to use Private Tunnel to unblock websites.

1. Download Private Tunnel Free vpn from the link given below

2. After downloading install Private Tunnel Free vpn (Virtual Private Network) to your computer

3. After Installation Open Private Tunnel. It will ask you for registration to sign up.

4. Register your account using your email address.

5. Now sign in to Private Tunnel (Don’t forget to select a server)

6. Enjoy your ride and unblock all website you want and surf the internet securely

Private Tunnel Reviews :

Private Tunnel is a best free vpn service provider.

When it connects to any of it’s server it will hide your ip and your free vpn connection will turn on.

You can visit any block website at full speed without wasting your bandwidth.

It provides up to100 mb free bandwidth for first time and will give you 100 mb per referral download and 10 gb on per purchase made by your referral.

Try it and if you like share it with your friends and relatives to get more free bandwidth.


thank you for reading