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How To Make Bootable USB Windows 7

Simply make bootable USB from ISO and done.

Bootable USB Windows 7
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Bootable USB windows 7 means you can boot your system from USB. Now you don’t need a removable drive like CD, DVD, or Super Drive for booting Operating System. Simply make bootable USB from ISO and done.

When every time your Operating System giving some error to boot use this USB at booting time and install the operating system.

In this tutorial we will learn how to make bootable USB windows 7 for window 8 or window 7. By using this method you can create other bootable OS too.

This method needs a USB having 4 or 8 GB memory compatible with the system.

Requirements :

  • Windows 7 DVD install disc or its ISO image
  • USB Drive (4GB+ and as fast as you can get)
  • Running your Windows Operating system
  • Working sets of hand and eyes
  • A few minutes of your life

Plug in that USB drive into a USB port:

How to Create bootable USB Windows 7

If you don’t have the ISO image for windows 7, then download it from Microsoft’s sites, or click below links to download.

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Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool:

  • Download this tool. This is Microsoft’s Genuine Tool for making USB drive Bootable.
  • After downloading this Software. Install it and Follow these steps for making Bootable USB.

Open this tool from your desktop or programs.

  1. Click at Browse Button from this tool and go to at that path where windows ISO is located.
  2. Now from the options click on USB device at which you want to make USB bootable.
  3. Then click begin coping button. After some time it will take some time and then your USB became Bootable.
  4. For testing turn off your computer and then restart it and plug in your bootable USB. booting will start from USB. It’s done.

it’s very simple to make USB bootable windows 7, and If you still having any question about this article or tutorial then please feel free to comment below.