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How to Undo Send Gmail

Are you aware that you can undo a send mail in Gmail? It is a lesser known feature in Gmail which allows to Undo the mail within 5 seconds after you send. Recently Google made it even better by increasing the time frame to 30 seconds to Undo Send Gmail.

If you accidentally clicked on the “Send” button or you realize that you forgot to attach an important file, you have a few seconds to click on “undo” and continue to edit the message. The feature is hidden for most of the users because they don’t know where to look, so here’s a quick guide to avoiding social and workplace issues with the click of a button.

Go to Google Labs

Undo send gmail

Since the Undo Send Gmail function is part of Gmail Labs, you’ll have to navigate to the Gmail Labs page to activate it. Load up Gmail (Gmail) and look in the top-right corner of the page. Just beside your e-mail address you will see the Settings option. Give it a click.

It will leads to the settings screen. You will see an option called Labs there (Between Web Clips and Offline).Give it a click.

Undo send gmail

Enable “Undo Send” and Save Your Changes

You’ll be presented with a list of features Google is testing in Gmail. Some are very useful and some are just for fun. We’ll go into more depth on all Gmail Labs has to offer in coming articles, but this time we’re here just for the Undo Send feature.

Undo send gmail

You’ll usually find Undo Send option almost close to the bottom of the list. We’ve included a picture of it above so you know what you’re looking for. Just select Enable then scroll down and save your changes.

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Customize Undo Send’s Duration

By default, Gmail gives you a 10-seconds of time in which you may undo a sent e-mail. You can change that to 5, 20 or 30 seconds by going to Settings (in the top right corner of the main Gmail page, right next to the Labs icon) and finding the Undo Send section inside the “General” tab (the First tab).

Undo send gmail

There you can enable or disable Undo Send and change the duration with a drop-down selection box as pictured above.

Write and Send Your E-mail

Now that Undo Send is enabled, it will work every time you send a new e-mail. You don’t have to do anything unusual beforehand to make it possible to use Undo Send with each e-mail.

Undo send gmail

Click the “Undo” Button After You Send

Undo send gmail

Now you have either five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds to undo your sent e-mail, depending on what you selected in your Settings.

As soon as you hit Send, a subtle line of text will appear above your Inbox saying “Your message has been sent.” It will be accompanied by a few extra options. Among them is “Undo.” Click that within the allotted time and your mail will not send.

Note that you can hit “Z” on your keyboard, the Gmail shortcut for undo. Just don’t navigate away from or close this page, because once you do, you’ll lose the opportunity to undo your sent message forever.

“Sending Has Been Undone”

Undo send gmail

You’ll be taken back to the e-mail compose page, and your e-mail will be in draft form, unsent and ready for further editing — or deletion, if writing it was ill-advised to begin with!

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