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How to download email to pen drive for offline access ?

Pen drive for offline Acees

Email is very important to everyone. We want that our email stay always with us.There is lot of web emails users like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoomail, etc

You can access web email only when when internet connection is available. Without internet you can’t access your Gmail or other web email accounts.

What if you are going to a place where internet connection is not available and access to your email is important over there?

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How to download email

There is one option you can use – configure a email client software on your computer or laptop like Microsoft Outlook. Almost every web email services provide POP/IMAP feature and this service can be used to download your email to Outlook.

But in this case you have to carry your laptop or computer. We will tell you about a method which enables you to store and access your emails from any USB Portable Pen Drive.

A windows utility MailStore Makes this task easier. It is a free and portable utility which you can install on your pen drive and can carry with you where you go. Before using it you should enable POP feature in your web email account.

Then run this utility. It will create archive of your emails which you can store on your computer for offline access or can carry in your pen drive for outside access.

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