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How to Clean RAM With Notepad in just 2 Steps

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How to Clean RAM

Clean RAM
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RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory. It is one of the memory in computers. Applications (either in mobiles or in computers) use RAM during running. So, How to Clean RAM With Notepad ?

When the application runs on computers, data accessed randomly from RAM. Data temporarily stored in RAM. Every system has this memory for storing temporary data containing different capacity like 512MB,2GB,4GB etc.

By using this trick you will be able to learn  How to Clean RAM With Notepad in just 2 Steps.

System applications run slowly because of low RAM memory storage. We have already learnt How to use USB pendrive as a Ram. We can also use some software’s to clean Computer RAM

But now we will learn how to clean computer RAM using notepad. This is a very simple notepad trick. By using this trick we will able to clean computer RAM, This will automatically increase our system performance.

How to speed up PC by cleaning RAM with notepad:

Steps To Learn.

1. First Go to Notepad.

Clean RAM

2. Second Then copy below code and paste it in your notepad “FreeMem=Space (204800000)”

Clean RAM

You see, in the code, its code for those if you have 2GB (2048MB). And if your system containing 1GB (1024MB) RAM, then replace that code 2048 to 1024. And if you have 512MB RAM, then replace that upper code 2048 to 512

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3. Save this notepad file named as firearms. vbs and save it at some location.

4. Open that saved file. The file runs and take some time to clean up your RAM. We have done. Now your temporary RAM files are cleaned. You feel, better performance level or restart your computer.

Feel any problem comment below, or your experience. And if you like this trick and it worked then share with your friends.

Clean RAM With Notepad in just 2 Steps